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High Top Dreads

High top dreads hair is a cultural thing, but now it becomes one of the most amazing hairstyles. Dreads are also known as locks, which put several processes into the hair to look like the strands of ropes. By this definition, many people perceive this type of hair as the messy, tangled, dirty hair while it is not. You still be able to have a healthy and stylish dread hair by reading some tips and facts of the high top dread hair for men listed below!

The Best Styles of High Top Dreads Long

High-Top Dreads Long
High top dreads long hairstyle one of the best dread styles you shouldn’t miss. It provides modern, trendy, and authentic looks. Moreover, you can make the high top dread long into any amazing types. For example, try to bind the dread into a top knot for a simple yet chic look. Another worthy style is the twisted high top dread. It looks pretty classic and authentic. If you dare to look different, those two hairstyles are highly recommended!

What Can You Do with Short High-Top Dreadlocks?

High-Top Dreadlocks

Not only the long dreadlocks style, but the short high top dread hairstyle also looks as fancy as the extended versions. It is such an excellent style for those who love to have simple and neat dreadlocks hairstyle. Here are some types you should try!

  • Topknot high top dreads hair

Tie up the high top dreads hair is one of the most popular hairstyles. By doing your hair in this style, you’ll have not only stylish hair, but it also becomes easy to manage. Thus, the top knot high top dreads hair is a perfect choice to try!

  • Undercut high top dreads hair

For a relaxed and masculine look, try to combine the high top dread with an undercut below. Or its fantastic look, this hairstyle becomes one of the most commonly requested styles in the barbershop. So, ensure to look more confident with this cool hairstyle.

  • Mohawk high top dreads hair

If you are still unsure whether to grow the long or short dread, in the meantime, try this Mohawk high top dreads style instead. What makes it different is that it shaves all of the sides’ parts of the head. Do anything you like to the remaining hair since these two combinations always go well for both with shorter or longer dread.

Reasons to Have the Short High Top Dread Hair

Short High Top Dreads

Having dreadlocks hair requires you to grow out long hair. However, with short hair, you are still able to have a nice short high top dreads. Moreover, making dreadlocks into the short hair will allow the growing hair to turn into perfect dread. To do so, you need to follow some proper instructions with the right materials so that you’ll have a satisfying result at the end.

Start A Fresh and Inspiring Look with A Dreaded High Top Fade Style

Dreaded High Top Fade

Another cool and refreshing look you can do with short high top dread is the top fade style. Ask the barber to shave the side parts of your head and leave the top side uncut. Don’t forget to ensure a clear cut between the extended part and the shaved part so that it separates the dread and the un-dreaded hair.

How To Do Nice Tapered Dreadlocks?

Tapered Dreadlocks

If you want to change your hair into the tapered dreadlocks, there is one crucial step you need to do. Bleach the tip part of the hair is what should be done before the dreadlocks process. Without this, you won’t have the nice tapered dreadlocks. The rest steps are similar to the usual dreadlocks hair styling process.

Tips to Take Care of The Excellent Short Dreads

Short Dreads

Dread hair affects your hair scalp a lot. But, no need to worry, the scalp won’t get badly affected with regular and proper care, mainly if you prefer to have a short dread hairstyle. Compared to the long dreads, the short ones are not causing more massive damage to the scalp, so you can still have a healthy scalp with cool short dreads style.

How to Do the Classic and Neat Mohawks With Dreads

Mohawks With Dreads

Mohawks with dreads are considered as one of the best hairstyles for the classic and neat looks. To do so, ensure to have Mohawk cut with shaved-sided part and let the top hair get completely braided. Give a low bun style to the back and have awesome mohawks with cool dread for your new hairstyle.

A Brief History of The Black Men Dreadlocks

Black Men Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are often associated with black men, particularly those who come from Jamaica as it is where you can find most people with kinds of dreadlocks hair. Besides, most black men’s curly and kinky hair makes it easier for them to grow the dreadlocks compared to those with straight hair. Similarly, dreadlocks are also used in several regions representing their cultural tradition.

The Best Hair Care for The Boy Dreads Hairstyle

Boy Dreads Hairstyle

To take care of the high top dreads hair, ensure you wash them regularly and put on some locks hair treatment that you may choose based on your preferences, such as dreadlocks oil, wax, cream, aloe, and many more.

Easy Steps to Start Taper Fade With Dreads

Taper Fade With Dreads

What makes the taper fade with dreads different than other dreadlocks style is that it doesn’t dread all parts of your hair. Instead, it dread on the tips only, and to have easily maintained hair, make it into a high chic bun.

Types of Classy Dreads Twisting Methods

Classy Dreads

Some popular twisting methods to create perfect and classy high top dreads hair are:

  • Twisting
  • Strand twisting
  • Dreading
  • Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks
  • Natural twist (best for short and kinky hair only)

Now, you have understood more about the high top dreads hair. So, which dread hairstyle are you interested in trying? You may either do it yourself or seek professional help to have healthy and awesome dread.